Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Good Morning Guys? $100,000 usd and let's give it away to the world.. No issues with AT&T etc...

The Iphone is a part of our life. The touch screen, the interface and slick design makes this apple product #1 phone released. I have watchied all the work that programmers/hackers have been doign for the last 2months. Guys at this point we really need a software unlock. A lot of people have ruined their phones and I can’t stand that. To an average person this is an expensive device and who is kidding who it’s expensive for a phone.

Me and my friends are very involved in the open source community and yet everybody who worked on IRC, now is concerned about getting paid and charging everybody for an unlock software. I can’t believe it, it’s like Linus Torvalds would start charging for compiling the kernel. I know that everyone would like to be freed form AT&T and just be able to us it as a normal cell phone.

I have brought a few people on board from around the world. We all agree that the application software unlock should be released for free to the world. We have come up with a great offer for the 3-4 companies that are claiming that they have a software crack, and the legality is an issue.

AT&T will not be able to do anything if it’s freely released like HaRRo’s or Geo Hot’s tutorials. Let’s even release the source only. Something that can help all the people free their iphone.

We are willing to pay $100,000 USD and make it freely available with the owner’s approval and all the credits given to the creator. We will also give you control of a domain and release it on Wednesday night at 12:00am

Please contact me at bstomach@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to discuss the details.

The above amount will be awarded to who is willing to let their application be freely available.

Thank you Dev Wiki team, you guys did a great job with the dev...

PS. This is more thank you guys would have made, if you sold license to each person for $25.